America: Two planes collided in the air during the air show

During the airshow in Dallas USA, two planes of the Second World War collided in the air. Both planes broke into pieces after the collision. One of the aircraft in the accident was a B-17 bomber. During the airshow in Dallas (USA) . A small plane collided with a Boeing B-17 bomber flying in the air during an air show in Dallas, US, on Saturday. The air show was being held at Dallas Airport in the state of Texas. As a result of the collision, both planes broke into pieces in the air. When the plane fell to the ground, it became a ball of fire. The people present in the air show started screaming after seeing the accident. It is feared that six people have died in this accident.

The US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) did not provide details on the status of the pilots of both planes. In these, it can be seen that a sizeable B-17 aircraft is flying at a low altitude. He walks straight ahead. At the same time, a small Bell P-63 Kingcobra aircraft accelerates from the left and collides with a B-17 airplane. In the event of a collision, both planes break into pieces. A massive ball of fire erupts after the plane hits the ground. The B-17 is a World War II aircraft. It was used for heavy bombing.

Accident investigation

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The accident is being investigated by the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) and the National Transportation Safety Board. Dallas Mayor Eric Johnson has said that a terrible tragedy occurred during the airshow in our city. The National Transportation Safety Board takes command of the crash site along with the Dallas Police Department. Dallas Fire-Rescue has assisted.

Both the planes that were the victims of the accident belong to the era of World War II.

The B-17 bombers of the US Air Force played an important role during World War II. This aircraft is considered to have a unique position in winning the war with Germany. It is the most-built bomber aircraft in the world. These aircraft are kept by the US Air Force as a part of their glorious history and are flown in special air shows.

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