Ahead of Its Launch, Huawei Provides an Early Look at the Design of the P60 Series

Recently, Huawei made a move that has never been done before by publicly revealing the design of its forthcoming P60 series flagship in advance of the introduction event that will take place on March 23. Given that the P60 is a premium gadget and Huawei has never done anything like this before, this comes as a particularly big surprise. Follow For More Updates newsydrone.com

The teaser provides us with a glimpse of two important features that the phone will offer, namely, a distinctive background texture and a camera system that includes a periscope zoom. Both of these features will be available on the phone.

Huawei P60 Series Teaser

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The background shown in the teaser has a texture that looks like shells, and it’s possible that this is a special material that was developed particularly for the P60 series. that came before it. This makes it one of the most fascinating things about the phone. The device that was teased is likely to be the Pro version or, at the very least, the Art variant.

The camera system for the P60 series utilizes a triple camera setup that is arranged vertically, with the center lens being contained within a large ring. Huawei has at long last given their stamp of approval to the design that has been the subject of rumors for quite some time.

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The silver-plated exterior of the middle ring, which is the centerpiece of the complete arrangement, is a standout feature. The camera on top is rumored to have an extremely wide-angle lens, while the camera on the bottom is a periscope camera, which is said to have improved telephoto magnification capabilities. In addition, the word “XMAGE” is printed on the bottom right side of the module, and an LED light is located on the top right side.

The P60 series camera system is distinguished by the presence of a separate camera bump for the center lens, which effectively doubles the height of the camera setup. This is one of the camera’s most prominent features.

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It is currently unknown how much additional height this would add to the phone if it were laid down on its back. The back of the phone has rounded corners and curved lines all around, and the Huawei logo is located on the bottom left side of the device.

A 6.6-inch 2K BOE OLED display and the powerful Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 processor are reported to be included in the P60 Pro, in addition to the design and the camera system. In addition to that, it will come equipped with an impressive triple-camera system and an upgraded XMAGE 2.0. OV64B Omnivision sensor and a 3.5x optical zoom, promise to provide a variety of choices for taking photographs. Follow For More Updates On Twitter

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