‘AGT: All Stars’: After a stunning OG song performance, many believe Mandy Harvey is already a winner.

The fifth round of ten artists competed for a coveted spot in the finale of ‘America’s Got Talent: All-Stars on Monday night, January 30. While all of the acts were riveting, we all know that not everyone can win.

Mandy Harvey, Simon Cowell’s golden buzzer for Season 12, is an exception. She may not have received the superfan vote or gone to the finale with a collective golden buzzer, but she is already a winner in the hearts of the fans. Although she had previously appeared on the show, she felt she had gained the necessary confidence this time. She wowed the judges and the audience with an original song called ‘Something I Can Feel,’ which earned her a standing ovation. READ MOREMONSTERS IN HBO’S “THE LAST OF US” HAVE EVOLVED FROM “RUNNERS” TO “CLICKERS” IN EPISODE 2.

Fans wish Mandy Harvey had won tonight because they believe her voice is exquisite.

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While the judges were blown away by her incredible performance, they had nothing but admiration for Harvey. She has “the most exquisite voice,” according to Heidi Clum. Cowell surprised Harvey when he claimed her original song wasn’t good but then went on to say it was a “wonderful tune.” One fan said, “Absolutely pretty and wow her voice has developed simply amazing, truly hope they vote for her, I would love to see her win.

” Another person stated, “Imagine not being able to HEAR what you’re singing, AND SOUNDING LIKE THAT!!!! BEAUTIFUL!!” As one user put it, “people enjoyed that she sang an original song.” “I was overjoyed to have Mandy return. You will never forget such a lovely voice!! That song was fantastic!! She deserved to win tonight, to be honest.” READ MOREFANS WERE OVERCOME WITH EMOTION AFTER THE TRAILER FOR SEASON 3 OF ‘STAR TREK: PICARD’ WAS RELEASED.

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Harvey was diagnosed as deaf at the age of 18, but she didn’t let it stop her from pursuing her dreams. She opted to support her singing with bodily moves and pitches. Another user complimented her, saying, “Beautiful. I’ve admired her from the first time I saw her. She is deserving of a recording contract. I would absolutely purchase it. She is truly inspirational.” Another person added, “She is deserving of a recording contract!! She’s incredible and absolutely one-of-a-kind. Her voice is divine!!” Another individual congratulated Harvey, saying, “She should never let anything hold her back her gift is beyond words a wonderful voice and an amazing heart.”

What has Mandy Harvey been up to since she left ‘AGT’ Season 12?

Harvey’s Season 12 quest came to an end after reaching the Top 4. In ‘AGT: All-Stars,’ she admitted to feeling relieved about her removal because she didn’t believe in herself at the time. Her Season 12 performances have received over 600 million views. Following her amazing debut, Lady Gaga tweeted, “I love Mandy.” She went on to record two albums after being ousted.

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