8 Points Remember When Making a better Business Plan for your Organization

  • Define your business
  • Research the market
  • Write a plan
  • Get finances in order
  • Identify your customer
  • Plan for disaster
  • Learn how to deal with people

Traditional Business Plan –

1 – Executive Summary

This is an essential part of your business plan, and you have to write this section at the end of the business plan because this is the section where you have to write the summary of your complete business plan. Just as you advertise your product while selling it, in the same way, you have to write this Executive Summary.

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Those who read this summary should generate interest in your business, and there should be a desire to read this entire business plan in that person.

What is the Opportunity in the business you want to do? Which is the problem? And how are you going to solve it? You have to give information about this in short.

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Also, if you want to get a loan from the bank, then you have to give information about how much it is needed and for what it is required.

2 – Company Description

In this section, you must give information about your company or business. You can write the data according to the points given below.

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How to create a business model? business types? If you want to know the kinds of companies, then read this post. 

3 – Products & Services

What products and services are you going to provide in this section? Or you have to give information about it. While providing this information, you need to think from your customer’s point of view.

  1. your Products?
  2. Which problem is he solving?
  3. In what way will it solve or do it?
  4. Tell this.
  5. Cost of your product?
  6. What is your Pricing Model? And what is your profit margin?
  7. You must tell whether you manufacture the product or get it manufactured through a car.

How big is the market of the product you are selling in the market? How is the future of that market? All this information and related statistics are to be given by you. You can also get these statistics online from Google. But some things you have to research yourself.

4 – How does your business work?

What is the history of your company? Like when was your company started? What has the company done before?

What is the Goal or Mission Statement of the company? – You have to tell this in one sentence

We have a passion for our work and a desire to create the best possible products in the industry. They committed us to providing our customers with high-quality and well-designed products at competitive prices. Our goal is to make life easier for people by improving their lives through our products.

We believe that we have found this ideal solution to the problem of ensuring that consumers get the best product at the lowest possible price. Our company will produce a superior product to all others in its class while providing excellent value for money.

Our business plan will provide detailed information about how we intend to achieve these goals, as well as how it plans to make sure that it can deliver on its promises. This will help potential investors decide if they would like to invest in the company or not.

Target Customer – You need to know who your target customer is. Many people do not know who their target customer is. If you ask them who your target customers are, they will tell you – everyone. Everyone is never your target customer. You must have all the information about your target customer, like as – Age, Gender, Location, marital status, Income Source, Interests, Education, Buying Habits

5. Operational Plan

Here you have to give information about the planning of your business operations.

Staffing – What type of workers and Employees do you need? How many workers or Employees are required? 

Production – If you are manufacturing, then what is the process of your production? What machinery do you need for that, and what other things do you need? You have to give that information here.

Location – If you need a physical location for your business, you have to give information like how much the rent will be. What will be its maintenance cost?

Legal Environment – ​​Which license, trademark, and copyright insurance will you need for your business?

Raw Material & Inventory – If you need Raw Material or Inventory for this business, then you have to give its information here.

Suppliers & Vendors – If you use any Suppliers & Vendors for your business, you have to give its details here.

Payment Terms – How do you take payment from the customer? You have to give its information here, such as if you provide products on credit, then you have to share information about it and then how that loan is recovered, you also have to give information here.

We are constantly launching new Products

Nowadays the world is changing very fast, every day new products are being launched in the market, people run more towards that thing where the work is more accessible, or there is some more beneficial thing, so understand the market condition that what is in the market. There is a shortage, and to meet the shortage, bring your product into the market and make yourself and your business recognized in the market. There is no shortage of products in the market, but there is a shortage of quality products, so work on it.

6 – Competitive Analysis

While doing business, you must have complete knowledge of your competitors, such as

Who is your Competitor?

Need marketing strategy?

What is the difference between you and their business?

7 – How are their customer reviews?

Method of Online Marketing – How will you market your product or services? Here is the information like as – 

  • Digital Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Facebook Ads
  • Google Ads
  • YouTube Marketing
  • Mobile Marketing
  • Website
  • Logo & Branding
  • Trade Shows
  • Tv Advertising


Marketing Budget – Marketing is the most important thing to be successful in business. But most people ignore marketing. While doing business, it is essential to set a separate budget for marketing, and therefore you have to tell what your marketing budget here is.

8 – Management Team

Here you have to give your team information. Without a solid and good team, you cannot progress in any business.

Who are the members of your team?

What is his name?

What is the expert in?

You have to give a summary of their resumes here.

Financial Plan

Here you have to give information about your financial planning. You should provide information about the three points given below in financial planning.

Cash Flow Statement – ​​This is an essential part of financial planning. Here you have to give information about how much cash comes into your business and how much money goes out. If you do not have a Cash Flow Statement, then you can give an estimate of how much cash will come and go from your business.

Budget & Expenses

Here you have to give information about your budget and expenses, such as how much money you have to spend or going to pay to start the business.

While starting a business, we need more money than we think, so you should also keep these extra funds in mind in advance. While starting a business, you have to keep two types of Expenses in mind first, Capital Expenses, and second, Operating Expenses.

When you start a business in the beginning, the upfront cost required for it is called Capital Expenses, such as buying machinery, buying space, and buying furniture.

Similarly, the money required to operate a business is called Operating Expenses, such as Day-to-Day Transaction, Shop Rent, Light Bill, and Workers’ Payment.

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